I am a final year Journalism student at university, and am currently working on my dissertation, researching the ways in which Muslim women are represented in the British press. The representations of Muslims and Islam in the Western news is more often than not negative, with topics such as terrorism and extremism dominating the media that we consume, and so I’m interested in exploring these themes and what types of media are used to construct them.


I have started this blog as a personal project alongside my dissertation, and will be sharing my own thoughts as well as a collection of newspaper articles, videos, images and other relevant publications on the subject of Islam and Muslims. These will be from all types of sources in order to provide a variety of opinions and information, amounting to a collection of resources showing both adverse and positive images of Islam.


*Excluding the blog section, the content shared is not for the purpose of conveying my own views, rather to share a range of material taken from a wide selection of sources.*