My dissertation research is finally coming together. After analysing over 350 articles, here are some of the main things I have discovered so far: Muslim women are largely mentioned in the British press in relation to ‘the veil’; this us unsuprising, and the perpetuation of these images can be damaging to the way Western society views these women. If ‘we’ impose the veil as a symbol of oppression by Islam (falsely so), we are creating yet another hurdle for these women to overcome by essentialising them in this way. Whilst newspaper coverage of Islam has risen continuously over the last few … Continue reading Research Progress: MUSLIM WOMEN IN THE UK PRESS

Back to Posting!

After nearly a month of not posting , I’m hoping to get back on track with regular news updates! As a final year uni student, post-Christmas is a really busy time of year with getting back to doing assignments and exams (so I’ve been completely consumed!) but thankfully that’s all out of the way… for now… There’s been so much going on in the Muslim/Media world, especially since Trump’s inauguration on January 20th which has already sparked global concern, particularly in regards to the position of Muslims. The protests which followed showed an incredible sign of unity and strength in … Continue reading Back to Posting!

Muslims in Power

Sevil Shhaideh is no longer in the running to become Romania’s next prime minister, after the proposition was rejected by the country’s current President, Klaus Iohannis. If Shhaideh was elected, this would have been a feat for both women and Muslims in Romania and internationally. Although Shhaideh is now expected to serve as deputy prime minister, there is still some mystery surrounding Iohannis decision. Did her religion or gender play a role in this? This is not to imply that Iohannis is a racist or a sexist, but perhaps he felt he had to consider how the Romanian public might … Continue reading Muslims in Power

Shhaideh set for Romanian Prime Minister: Romania’s changing perceptions of Islam

“Her presence within this rank of government is commendable to say the least, as well as pivotal in changing current perceptions of Muslims as a threat” The news that Romania might soon be seeing their first female Muslim prime minister, Sevil Shhaideh, … Continue reading Shhaideh set for Romanian Prime Minister: Romania’s changing perceptions of Islam